Analyzing Music: Understand What Makes A Great Song

Analyzing Music: Understand What Makes A Great Song



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In this free lecture, you will learn how to analyze music. You’ll get to know what techniques some of your favorite artists use, and how you can apply these techniques yourself.

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  1. This is great information from the perspective of a vocal producer or an artist. As from the perspective of the music producer, this info is a bit ahead of its time. I make beats without a vocal artist present and I’m not a rapper. The beat stops and evolving choruses are great tips. To my understanding and from my position as beat maker it usually goes as follows: Step one, make the dope beat – Step two, sell the dope beat… It pretty much stops there for me. This tutorial starts on Step three – playing a role and contributing to the ENTIRE production (i.e. the musical composition as well as the vocal production). Most producers like me haven’t graduated to the level of producing great music AND directing vocalists during the recording process. Great to know but no way to implement that into my current workflow.

    This is dope info please don’t misunderstand! It should be titled Zero to Radio Ready VOCAL productions, its informative however the title is a bit misleading. I’ll continue watching I could be confused. Great info nonetheless.

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