Setting up a Lead Magnet Delivery Sequence

Setting up a Lead Magnet Delivery Sequence


In the upcoming three videos, you will learn how to create a Lead Magnet Delivery Sequence that collects data and automatically turns that data into an Audience Dashboard on Google Data Studio. This will help you get to know your target audience. You can use that information to tailor your marketing strategies on and increase your chances of converting leads.

In this first video, I’m going to show you the Lead Magnet Delivery sequence.

The applications that I’m using for this entire process are:

  1. ActiveCampaign
  2. Paperform
  3. Zapier
  4. Google Sheets
  5. Google Data Studio
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  1. d

    Hi robin,
    does this only work with paperform?
    it is a little overpriced, paying $12,5 every month just to create 1 survey 😅
    is there any alternative? what about google forms, should be enough for just 3-4 questions.

    • Google form has made some updates recently I see. It might be possible now considering you can use Zaps for that too.

    • c

      Hi DC, did you have any success linking Zapier to a google form survey?

      Thank you

  2. Hey Robin,

    Sorry if I confused you. That video shows Zapier being used to update contact info, but not the step before that, how to program Zapier to deliver the 30 downloads. I want to know how to deliver the lead magnet. How do I program Zapier (or Active Campaign) to deliver the google drive link to the subscriber?

    To make sure you understand, how do I program Zapier or Active Campaign or anything to share the google drive link to subscribers. In your reply you said “and shared it with my subscribers”…how?

    I can’t find any instruction anywhere on how to specifically do that. Do you manually send the lead magnet download link out after the survey is completed or is it automated? If so, how can we set that up on our end?

  3. Hey Robin,

    I having a hard time locating the part where we actually deliver the lead magnet in order to initiate a sequence. How do we link a lead magnet on google drive to active campaign?
    Is Zapier needed?

    If I understand correctly, in order for the Paperform survey to initiate there must be a link for the potential customer to click (or opt into) on that should take them to a survey. – That part I understand –

    Once or if the survey is completed, how do we program the delivery of the lead magnet? How would we place a lead magnet link in a something like a youtube subscription or email, etc?

  4. w

    That did the trick, awesome! Thank you!!!

  5. w

    Tried using a form on Paperform, but the name and email keep being visible for the person clicking the link… Even though I’ve turned Question Visibility to “Off”…
    Got any ideas?

    • w

      I changed the fields on the Survey from “Name” being TEXT and “Email” being EMAIL to HIDDEN. You think it will work or will that cause any problems?

    • Hey Claude-Marcel,

      In the configurations of each question, you should set the “type of question” accordingly. So, NAME = *TEXT* and EMAIL = *EMAIL*

      Thanks for the feedback about the VIsibility Logic. It seems a bit buggy and not always working the way it should but I found a way.

      If it’s not hiding the question on the PPF, here’s what you need to do:

      1. Toggle Visibility Logic to ON
      2. When it says “Choose a question” click on the Red Cross next to it to close it.
      3. Save your Paperform and click on VIEW

      That should do the trick, let me know if it worked!

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