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I had never bought music related information but I was looking for ways to save time and automate daily tasks to optimise my business. CCS gave me all the info, marketing tools and templates I needed to do that!
The masterclass is packed with real value and useful techniques that really work. It helped me increase my conversion rate by 20%!
Very valuable and high-quality course! It gave me the roadmap, more ethical understanding of the business and a logical step-by-step marketing plan that I could easily apply in my business.
Excellent Masterclass! Even though I've been selling beats for some years, it definitely opened my eyes towards the different types of marketing beats. How to conduct email marketing was my main struggle and CCS taught me everything I needed to know.
CCS had a huge impact on me! It gave me a proven system to implement into my marketing strategy (which was non-existent at the time). The downloadable templates and PDF files are also a big help when I want to look over notes.
The most valuable thing I've learned from CCS is that the beat "sale" is not the end, it's the very beginning of a customer relationship. I quickly tested out one of the strategies and after a few days I managed to up-sell an artist to spend three times the amount of money!
  • Roko Tensei
  • Hugiz Records
  • Fenixprod
  • Fenixprod
  • Trey Houston
  • SeriouzBeatz

How do some artists make great music, while others still sound average?

How do some artists make great music, while others still sound average? What are they doing differently?

The answer? It's how they learn and practice.

  • They are action-oriented and focus on completing projects.
  • They assess parts of their song and know exactly what elements are needed.
  • They build habits that enable them to learn faster, by using processes.

But most importantly, they have a good start.

They have great mentorship and advice right from the jump. This is critical because bad habits are hard to break. Furthermore, misinformation leads to a lot of wasted time and frustration 😓.

As an artist, it's likely you're thinking about this all the time. Maybe you're not sure where to start.

Maybe you have taken a course, but it was too confusing and complex. Or maybe you simply want to start off on the right path.

You love music, and you want to make your best work possible.

So you want to find the best education at an affordable price. A school or college education in music is simply out of the question.

Introducing: Zero to Radio Ready

Nowadays, when it comes to being an independent artist, it’s about more than just being a talented singer or rapper.

And with all of today’s resources, you should be able to create high-quality music even from your bedroom.

Yet, often the opposite is true.

Over the years I’ve heard thousands of songs created with my music, and the honest truth is that over 70% of these songs were poorly recorded, mixed and produced.

I was getting tired of hearing low-quality songs, where I spent so much time and dedication on.

But when I started to dive deeper into the cause, I found out that it’s all due to a lack of knowledge. They don't know how to go about structuring their songs and properly recording their vocals.

Heck, I'm not even talking about mixing yet 😊

And when I jumped online—to my surprise—there isn't a dedicated resource online where Hip-hop and R&B artists can learn this stuff.

Roughly 90% of the artists I personally deal with, actually confirmed that they struggle with songwriting, recording, and mixing.

I decided it was time for a change 💪

Instead of coaching artists one by one, I decided to pack all my knowledge and expertise into a single value-packed masterclass.

A course that helps talented singers and rappers turn decent songs, into great songs.

It's a step-by-step framework that brings the potential of their next release from absolute zero to 100.000 views 🚀

And now, you can join too!

Excited? Enroll in the masterclass today.


Let's help you crush your next song.

Zero to Radio Ready masterclass content

Let's help you sell more beats on auto-pilot, here's how. Click on the Expand all button to drill down into the content.

  • Welcome & Quick Tour
  • Analyzing Music
  • The 3-Step Checklist
  • The Importance Of Tracked Out Files
  • Introduction
  • Rearranging The Song Structure
  • The Art Of Music Production
  • The Rollercoaster Theory
  • The Ingredients Used To Cook Up A Song - 1
  • The Ingredients Used To Cook Up A Song - 2
  • The Ingredients Used To Cook Up A Song - 3
  • The Importance Of Song Structure
  • Recording Blueprint Explained
  • Using Reference Tracks
  • Creating The Blueprint
  • Analyzing The Vocal Production
  • Final Word Of Advice
  • The Recording Blueprint In Action
  • The 7 Key Studio Components
  • Setting Up For Recording
  • Environment Control
  • The Fundamentals Of Great Sounding Vocals
  • Microphone Distance
  • Microphone Performance
  • Vocal Techniques For Singers
  • Introduction to Mixing
  • Stock Plug-ins vs. 3rd Party Plug-ins
  • EQ (Equalizer)
  • Compressors
  • DeEssers
  • Common Mistakes With Delay & Reverb
  • Using Reverb In 4 Easy Steps
  • Using Delay (Slapback Delay, 1/4 Note Delay & Automation Explained)
  • The Roadmap (Signal Flow)
  • Mixing Hip-Hop Vocals
  • Mixing Hip-Hop Backing Vocals
  • Mixing R&B Vocals
  • Mixing R&B Backing Vocals
  • Parallel Compression
  • The Doubler
  • Creating Vocal FX
  • Finalizing the Song
  • 50% Off Beat Store

Meet your coach 👋

Hey! I’m Robin Wesley!

I'm the co-founder of Urban Masterclass and creator of Zero to Radio Ready.

I'm also a top-selling music producer and have worked with hundreds of artists all over the world.

My new masterclass Zero to Radio Ready is my effort to help ambitious artists create bettter music and reach their goals.

If you're ever somewhat thinking about making a living off music, then this masterclass is for you. Today, you can make a difference and take matters into your own hands. Join us today, you won't regret it, I promise.

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Submit your (almost finished) music and our team of professionals we'll give you personal and actionable advice to take your song to the next level.

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  • 7 Hours of In-Depth Content
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  • Slides & Worksheets
  • Private Discord community
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  • 1 Hour-long Coaching Session with Robin
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One time payment
$ 399
  • Access to all 43 HD Videos
  • 7 Hours of In-Depth Content
  • Stream From Any Device
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Slides & Worksheets
  • Private Discord community
  • Get Detailed Song Feedback
  • 1 Hour-long Coaching Session with Robin
  • 1 Year Of Email Coaching (Q&A with video)

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Great - we’ve got you covered. This masterclass shows you everything from scratch. We’ll start at the fundamentals, moving up to the advanced techniques. You’ll make an incredible jump-start compared to others that are just starting out.
Even better! This masterclass will help you accelerate your growth, which is even more effective when you already have a ground base of knowledge and experience.
Zero to Radio Ready is around 7 hours long, and has been cut up into small, digestible and organized segments, so that you can easily refer back to specific lessons if need be.
There is no time limit, and no monthly/yearly fee to keep access. Log in whenever you like and the masterclass will be there for you!
We want you to make the right decision. That is why we offer a 14-day refund policy. For all the details, please read our terms and conditions.
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