Case Study: Soon-to-be Rocket Scientist makes over $2k/mo selling beats

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By Robin Wesley

In January 2019, we launched our first producer masterclass called The Constant Conversion Strategy (CCS). An online course that teaches producers how to grow their own wildly profitable beat selling business

One of the first students that signed up was SeriouzBeats. A 19-year old Aerospace Engineering student from The Netherlands, whose real name is Daniel.

He is currently making well over $2,000/mo from selling beats online.

After several conversations with him, I noticed some unique strategies he used to build his business. I also learned why he decided to sign up for CCS and how it perfectly aligned with the things he was struggling with at the time.

His story was so interesting and unique that I decided to invite him over to the Urban Masterclass office for an interview and write a case study about his career so far.

In this case study, you will learn:

  • How he started selling beats and how long it took for him to make his first sale
  • Which challenges and obstacles he had to overcome in his first years of selling beats online
  • The unique strategy he used to boost his sales from 0 to over $2,000/mo
  • Why he decided to sign up for CCS, even though he was already selling beats online
  • What he has learned from the CCS Masterclass and how he uses it in his business today

As with most young producers, Daniel struggled with managing his time.

He had to efficiently divide his time between running a beat selling business and studying one of the most complex and advanced degrees in the world.

He is literally studying Rocket Science! 😂🚀

He had no other choice than to spend his free hours in the most efficient way possible. This ultimately led to the strategy that took him from 0 to $2,000/mo within a short time.

But before we go into that, let’s start at the beginning.

When did you make the decision to start selling beats online? And how long did it take before you made your first sale?

Daniel: I used to go to piano lessons where a teacher once introduced me to Fruity Loops. I was 9-years old at the time so I didn’t do much with it.

In 2014, I was goofing around with some friends, freestyling/rapping to some beats on YouTube. At that moment, I remembered my old teacher showing me Fruity Loops and I figured: If there is actually a tool to produce your own music, why not start creating my own beats?

It wasn’t until a year later that a friend of mine told me that you could actually sell beats online. This made me realise that the beats I make probably have value to someone.

I changed my mindset and started being more ‘serious’ about my work.

This is actually where my brand name SeriouzBeats originated from.

I was determined to make this a dream come true and I finally sold my first beat in September 2017, roughly 2 years later. I was so happy!

It took Daniel two years to make his first sale. That’s quite a long time. So, I asked him what he spent most of his time on during these two years and what his biggest challenges were.

What were the biggest challenges you faced and the obstacles you overcame?

Daniel: When I started taking a more serious approach to music production, I had all these ideas in my mind that I wasn’t able to translate to an actual beat in Fruity Loops. I spent most of my time watching YouTube tutorials and refining my craft.

Then, after my first sale, I struggled to get recurring sales. I knew I had good beats so it was frustrating, to say the least! That’s when I started to focus on the marketing aspect of selling beats online. I studied other entrepreneurs and applied their strategies. I tried YouTube ads, Instagram ads, bots for my social channel. All I can say is that it cost a lot of money and it didn’t really help me to get more recurring sales.

But one of my biggest obstacles was (and still is) distributing my time evenly between growing my beat selling business and studying Aerospace Engineering. I started my degree at around the same time that I sold my first beat and this forced me to reduce the amount of time I normally spent on selling beats.

I went on investigating new tactics and strategies, hoping to find a way that was less time-consuming but still efficient enough to grow my business.

After experimenting with different marketing strategies, Daniel learned that it just wasn’t paying off. In fact, it cost him a lot of money.

During our meeting, we realised that he was in way over his head. He was trying to sell beats using strategies that weren’t really fit for selling beats online. There were easier ways to achieve the goals he was after.

If only someone told him years earlier… 😅

In his search for an effective, less time-consuming method he decided to use a less common strategy. All the while unaware that his next move would eventually get his business to take off! 🚀

What strategy did you end up using?

Daniel: I decided to reach out to bigger and more established producers, offering to pay them for collaborations. My goal was to collaborate with these producers and use their platforms to get my name out to a wider audience.

I was pretty confident that some of these producers were willing to work with me. I noticed all the hours I spent on improving my production skills were increasing the quality of my beats.

I started selecting producers to work with depending on the type of beat I was working on. The first producer I reached out to was Mubz Got Beats. He’s one of the producers I have been admiring since I started.

Our first collaboration was released in January 2018 and just a couple of months later, we sold it exclusively to a UK artist called Ambush. He made a song called “Jumpy”. Eventually, this song became a UK summer hit.

I was also seeing an increase in sales on my own website, thanks to the exposure Mubz gave me.

From that point on, I knew that this strategy was paying off for me and it perfectly aligned with my busy schedule. I didn’t have to spend hours marketing the beats myself.

As soon as Daniel noticed the value and potential of collaborating with bigger producers, he started to double down on that strategy.

In the months after, he collaborated more often with other developing/ up-and-coming producers, as well as more established ones like DreamLifeBeats, Speaker Bangerz and Rujay.

These collabs were based on a 50/50 sales split so he obviously had to share the profits with the other producers. Still, this was exactly the type of strategy that perfectly aligned with his daily activities as a soon-to-be a Rocket Scientist! 👨🏽‍🚀

His collaboration with Speaker Bangerz reached over half a million views.

Another collaboration with Rujay even passed 20,000,000 views! The beat also charted on the top charts of BeatStars several times.

It’s safe to say collaborations became an essential strategy for Daniel. But there was something that he kept struggling with. One of the early obstacles that he was yet to overcome was learning how to market his music himself.

While at one point he was averaging $1,500/mo from selling beats. At least 70% of that came from collab splits. And because of that, monthly sales went up and down. He realised that it was a risky play to have a business model that depended on other producer’s businesses.

He started to realise that, in order to grow towards a more sustainable income, he had to hold all the cards himself.

He described this as one of the main reasons why he decided to sign up for our Constant Conversion Strategy masterclass.

Why did you decide to sign up for the CCS masterclass and what were you struggling with the most at the time?

Daniel: Even though I was selling beats every other day (mostly through collabs), I was still struggling to make recurring sales of my own. To be honest, I still hadn’t figured out a way to market beats myself. It was only after I signed up for Robin’s masterclass that I started to see the REAL potential of selling beats online.

Collabing is really important (and fun too) but I’m not afraid to admit that it is not a sustainable strategy in the long run.

Months before the masterclass was released, I had already read the Definitive Guide to Selling Beats that Robin Wesley wrote and shared for free. I was really impressed by the information and gems that he shared.

When the masterclass was first introduced, I still remembered parts of what I read in the free guide. Specifically, how Robin stresses the importance of building relationships to get more recurring sales.

As the name said; “The Constant Conversion Strategy” – this happened to be the exact thing that I was struggling with. That’s how I knew I needed the masterclass to teach me how to do this effectively.

What kind of impact did CCS have on your business? And what are the most valuable things you’ve learned from it?

Daniel: Probably the most valuable thing that CCS teaches is that the beat “sale” is not the final step of a relationship between a producer and an artist. It is the very beginning!

I credit Robin for making the whole ‘customer journey’ easy to understand and even backing it up with some of his own data. The way Robin runs his business is what made the most impact as it showed how much potential there is to grow my own business further.

Shortly after I signed up, I quickly tested out one of his up-sell strategies and after just a few days I managed to get someone to spend three times the amount of money! 🙂

Another thing that I found very valuable is that I learned the importance of financial management and accounting. CCS teaches you how to keep track of sales reports for tax/VAT reports, sales analytics and general accounting purposes. The ready-to-use templates and instruction videos were very helpful.

If you could go back in time, what’s the #1 thing you would change about your business?

Daniel: I would have started collaborating with producers earlier. Besides making awesome beats together, they have a lot of experience and knowledge about producing and the business itself. Even though it’s not sustainable to rely solely on the business of other producers it gave my business the boost that it needed.

What are you most excited about for your business in 2019?

Daniel: I’m excited to have my own working automated marketing funnel dedicated to helping out artists who have invested in my beats. I’m currently applying the CCS masterclass strategies to build this further. I don’t want a sale to be the end, but the beginning of a strong relationship.

Besides that, I’m also using other tactics that I’ve learned from Robin to attract new customers. Can’t wait to see how that turns out!

I’m definitely aiming to have another successful beat like “Next Level” (Rujay Collab) and to create another collab with Mubz Got Beats for Ambush.

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  1. What about those struggling to make their first sale? how did Daniel do it?
    A conversion strategy is important but if you don't even know how to sell your first beat...

    Really useful tactics used by Daniel by the way .Great love for the interview

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