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Sell Beats Bootcamp

A 6-video online course to kickstart your beat selling business. Start selling beats TODAY!

  • Everything you need (to know) to launch your business
  • Easy-to-implement strategies - Actionable and effective!
  • Discover your potential and learn how to maximize profit.
  • No bullshit tactics and advise. Everything we teach is based on our personal results with proof inside the videos.

9 out of 10 → 300+ students

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Just $24 to change the rest of your life...

How cliché that may sound, it's true. Obviously, if I knew then what I know today, I would've reached my goals a lot sooner. 

We can help you to skip that endless cycle of trial & error.

  • Learn how to get your business setup from scratch (the right way)
  • Learn how to get in the habit of making waves instead of bumping into roadblocks
  • Sell (your first) beats using strategies that took us years to develop

Students are crushing it. Are you next?

9 out of 10 → 300+ students

Unlock the Sell Beats Bootcamp


Start to sell (more) beats with our field-tested strategies.

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This is what we will teach you...

Lesson 1

The Industry Explained

Everything you need to know before entering the beat selling industry. Let's get you set up 

Lesson 2

The Essentials

Dive into the beat licensing ecosystem and discover how much you can earn from selling your beats.

Lesson 3

Instagram Strategy

Unfolding the strategy that generates a minimum of $10,000 USD/year in beat sales. (with proof!).

Lesson 4

The Free Beats Strategy

Get results right from the jump! We'll teach you the first step in converting first-time listeners into future buyers.

Lesson 5

Case Study

Uncovering the results of a 12-month marketing experiment that generated close to $6,000 in extra sales.

Lesson 6

Business Mindset

Take control of your assets and learn how to deal with Exclusive Rights offers to maximize your profits.

6 Lessons | 7 Exclusive ResourceS | lifetime ACCESS

Meet your instructor

Hey, I'm Robin Wesley! The Co-Founder of Urban Masterclass

I'm a professional music producer that has been selling beats online for many years. I've sold over 10,000 beats to artists from all over the world. I've also worked with major artists, scored #1 hits in Asia and had placements on HBO, TLC, Netflix and more... 

The past three years, I've spent most of my time helping independent producers and companies related to selling beats online. 

This includes the 300+ producers that signed up for our masterclasses, Rujay Music – the UK beats selling business that went from zero to six figures in less than two years, and Soundee – a new beat hosting platform and beats marketplace. 

In 2019, our products and services for helping producers have been featured on CNBC, BBC, Native Instruments and more! 

"Our mission is to educate, motivate and inspire a new generation of online music producers." 

9 out of 10 → 300+ students


Jumpstart your skills and outperform your competition

Special introductory price enjoy 80% off

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