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How do some artists make great music, while others still sound average?

How do some artists make great music, while others still sound average? What are they doing differently?

The answer? It's how they learn and practice.

  • They are action-oriented and focus on completing projects.
  • They assess parts of their song and know exactly what elements are needed.
  • They build habits that enable them to learn faster, by using processes.

But most importantly, they have a good start.

They have great mentorship and advice right from the jump.

This is critical because bad habits are hard to break. Furthermore, misinformation leads to a lot of wasted time and frustration.

As an artist, it's likely you're thinking about this all the time. Maybe you're not sure where to start.

Maybe you have taken a course, but it was too confusing and complex. Or maybe you simply want to start off on the right path.

You love music, and you want to make your best work possible.

So you want to find the best education at an affordable price. A school or college education in music is simply out of the question.

Introducing: Zero to Radio Ready


Nowadays, everyone is able to create high-quality music from the comfort of their own home. Yet, it takes more than being able to sing or rap.

We noticed that there wasn't a dedicated place where Hip-hop and R&B artists could learn and grow together. In fact, the majority of artists I've worked with confirmed that they kept struggling with:

Creating music that's ready for the masses
Recording quality vocals
These in turn, are all fundamental elements for:
Getting more exposure
Building a strong fan base
Getting your music on Spotify playlists, the radio etc.

When I started out, I struggled with all of the above too and had no idea how to deal with it. But In the last 6 years, I've been able to make a living from music and double down on my passion.

This is why I created Zero to Radio Ready. The world's first platform and community for urban artists. Filled with resources that help you take your music career to the next level.

Join our community of Hip-hop and R&B artists who are going the extra mile for a successful music career. Are you willing to go the extra mile too? Today, you can make a difference and take matters into your own hands.

Join us today! I promise you won't regret it.

-Robin Wesley

How it works

Learn to Make Exceptional Songs

A repeatable system that makes you get out of bed in the morning excited to work on music

10 x Your Songwriting

Learn how today's popular songs are born and how you can use their exact processes in your own writing and production.

Enhance Vocal Production

We break down the entire song recording process in a blueprint that you can copy over and over again.

Make It Sound Good

You will learn how to make your songs sound good using simple yet effective mixing techniques.

Meet your coach

Robin Wesley'

Music Producer & Director

Robin is the co-founder of Urban Masterclass and creator of Zero to Radio Ready. 

He's a top-selling music producer online and has worked with hundreds of artists.

His new masterclass: Zero to Radio Ready, is his effort to help ambitious artist create better music and reach their goals. 

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What you will learn

Your roadmap from Zero to Radio Ready music

43 High Definition videos at your convenience. Each video is 5 to 15 minutes in length, with 8 hours of total content.

Module 1 - Introduction

An introduction to the course and best practices

Welcome & Quick Tour - 02:48
Analyze Music - 03:54

Module 2 - Beats & Instrumentals

Learn about the do’s and don’t’s when dealing with online producers.

The 3-step Checklist - 02:57
The Importance of Tracked Out files - 05:01

Module 3 - The Art of Urban Music Production

The songwriters guide to professional song production. Explained in full detail with the help of your favourite Billboard songs.

Introduction - 01:40
The Rollercoaster Theory - 06:24
The Ingredients used in radio songs (3 part series) - 1:04:45
The Importance of Song Structure - 04:58
Rearranging the Song Structure - 22:11
The Art of Urban Music Production - 03:20

Module 4 - The Recording Blueprint Explained

Learn to produce pro-sounding vocals similar to what you hear on radio. Vocal Production explained along with practical assignments.

The Recording Blueprint explained - 03:20
Using Reference Tracks - 11:24
Creating The Blueprint - 01:54
Analyzing The Vocal Production - 16:40
Final word of Advice - 00:55
The Recording Blueprint in Action - 11:12

Module 5 - Setting up for Recording

What equipment do you need? How to setup your software? How to start off your recording session the right way? We’ll help you setup!

The 7 Key Studio Components - 15:41
Setting up for Recording - 07:13

Module 6 - The Fundamentals of Great Sounding Vocals

Tips & techniques to becoming a better recording artist. Learn how to consistently record quality vocals in your recording sessions.

Environment Control - 06:25
The Fundamentals of Great Vocals - 07:20

Module 7 - Record Like a Pro

Tips & techniques to becoming a better recording artist. Learn how to consistently record quality vocals in your recording sessions.

Microphone Distance - 14:23
Microphone Performance - 03:38
Vocal Techniques for Singers - 04:37

Module 8 - Mixing: Plugin

Learn how to use EQ, Compressors and DeEssers to mix your vocals. How they work, what they do and what we primarily use them for.

Introduction on Mixing - 03:25
Stock Plugins VS. 3rd Party Plugins - 06:35
Equalizers, Compressors & DeEsser's - 27:31

Module 11 - Advanced Mixing and Production Techniques

Advanced mixing, plugins typically used in Urban Music and learn how to create vocal FX to spice up your vocal tracks even more.

Parallel Compression - 09:08
The Doubler - 10:30
Creating Vocal FX - 09:26
Finalizing The Song - 05:55

Module 12 - Graduation!

This day will be incredibly special for you and our entire team.

Graduation Day
(yes, that's a Kanye West pun)
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"Robin is literally a wealth of knowledge when it comes to music production. I have learned more from him than I have working with everyday people in such a short amount of time."

Asian Fourte'

R&B Artist

"Real talk - This is really good stuff! I've taken music theory classes, vocal engineering and more, but I've learned more from Zero To Radio Ready in the matter of hours over years."

Ruben Matai

Songwriter & Producer

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